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Joan Brennan

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Need Help With the College Process?
• Choosing a College That Is Right For You
• Completing College Application
• SATs
• Essays
• and Much More!

Who Am I?

What is Brennan College Counseling Services and What Can They Do For You?

The establishment of my own business was based on the desire to aid families in the college selection progress--helping you to understand the necessary steps that need to be taken to successfully navigate the College Process. This guidance will allow you to work with your high school counselor to insure that your rights are respected and recognized. I want to make this fun and exciting.

I will help you with the selection of a college list and then help with the application and other pertinent information necessary for the successful completion of all your applications. Referrals for essay technical help and SAT tutoring is also available through Brennan College Counseling Services.

You are starting a new life. ENJOY THE TRIP.

If you decided to begin the process, you will need to bring the following with you to the first conference:
• High School Transcript With Grades to Date, GPA and Courses Taking at Present
• High School Profile
• List of All Activities (since 9th Grade) Both In and Out of School
• List of Colleges that You are Interested In
• Any Additional Information that You Feel the Counselor Should Have
• A Short Statement in Which You Tell Me “About Yourself”


The first conference should take about 1 hour. Hours are flexible to meet your needs. Additional conferences would depend on need. Telephone conferences would be billed. Payment at time of conference in requested—credit cards are not accepted. Fees: $150 per hour.